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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hail, count 2ce stitch 1ce and new beginnings

Hail in June, never good for the plants. We had a quick and determined little storm blow through the other day. We got a layer of hail, some scary wind and all the trees got a trim. As I cleaned the leaves off the deck I found that some of the tomato plants took a hit. I planted too many this year so it's no big loss, and we got off easy, parts of Jersey got several inches of hail!

Here is my next problem. I miscounted or the pages bred while I wasn't watching. In either case I am coming up short on Dutch Beauty! I will have just enough to finish the first line, though not the right side border. I can scrap it and start over on a larger piece of linen or I can attempt to weave/stitch an extension piece on the end. Now here is where I need advise, is the latter even possible? My kingdom for an ounce of patience!

On to better things, I have an interim project going. It's called Once Upon A Time from the Children of Southern Roots I booklet by Janet Powers. One of my friends asked me to stitch something for him and I decided on this one. He hopes to have kids sometime soon and thought this would be perfect for a nursery. It should be a quick stitch, it's on 28 ct sand linen using DMC floss one over one.


Tammy said...

Kit, I love that Janet Powers design--that's a great leaflet, and your start is looking beautiful. Dutch Beauty? Well, I have ZERO advice, as I would have torn my hair out probably, lol. If it were me, I'd just leave it be and probably decide to do it again at some point. Good luck with what you decide. Your flowers in the previous posting are absolutely breathtaking--so pretty!

Glenna said...

Yeah, you can save Dutch Beauty--and you should--it would be too heartbreaking to scrap her! Did you ever see the pictures of Flea Market Souvenir? It's a BBD design, and it was deliberately stitched on two or three (can't remember) pieces of fabric which were then sewn together. I think DB looks old and historical anyway, so I can't see that a seam would spoil it, but it depends on how much it would bug you.

Glenna said...

Also, Flea Market Souvenir was deliberately stitched on (3 it turns out) different pieces of fabric. Go here to see a good picture of it:

Glenna said...

Arrgh--the full link didn't transfer, but if you go to wyndhamneedleworks.com and look under Blackbird Designs, you can see what I mean.

Siobhan said...

Ack. I have no advice about Dutch Beauty. I see what Glenna is saying and your DB would definitely be unique (which is a good thing, I think!), but I don't know how you'd do it w/o the seam showing. Maybe just embrace the seam and go with it? It'd be a shame to put so much work into it and scrap it.

Your Janet Powers design is lovely!

NIKY said...

Kit, don't cut anything, just finish it there. It could be your 'personal'duch sampler.It's a beauty anyway.