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I’m in my mid-ish 30’s (excuse me while I sob uncontrollably). I love coffee, cross stitching, reading, gardening and travel. I hope to pass along some patterns and pick a few up along the way.
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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Cook, wasn't he a pirate?

I have had an odd sort of compulsion to cook lately. I know that others enjoy this, but it was always stressful and disastrous for me. So who knows what has come over me, but I have been using that big hot thing in the kitchen, and some of it even turns out edible (ringing endorsement, no?). With that said... I have a great recipe for you! As it is me cooking it, it is easy, quick and inexpensive.

Thai Chicken
1.5 lbs. boneless, skinless chicken breast cubed
5 cloves garlic chopped
2-3" ginger chopped I go heavy on the ginger (turns out that it is best to peal it - live and learn)
3 Tbsp fish sauce (easy to find at the grocery store, in the Asian section)
3 Tbsp soy sauce (my ankles require that I use low sodium soy)
5 ish Tbsp sweet chili sauce (I like it hot, so use to taste)
1-2 Tbsp lime juice
1 each small zucchini chopped (green and yellow - for color)
1 small head broccoli chopped into large florets* (I often use frozen veggies thawed)

I put a little olive oil in bottom of a large skillet and cook the chicken, ginger and garlic on med heat about 10 minutes-ish, until the chicken is just about cooked through. Mix the rest of the wet ingredients in a small bowl and add with the veggies to the chicken. Cover and cook on med/low for about another ten minutes, stirring occasionally. If you want the sauce to cook down more, remove the chicken and veggies and cook uncovered at a low boil for a few minutes. I serve over sushi rice.

I hope you try and enjoy it!

Stall, and redirect their attention...

It's fighting me, that Dutch Beauty. I was happily stitching along and paused to review my progress thus far, and that was when it happened... (room darkens, ominous music plays in the background). I noticed that the brown floss in the first two thirds of my stitching was a warmer brown than the last third. I must have placed leftover floss in the wrong floss bag! WHY, why do I do these things to myself! So with shoulders slumped and defeat snatched from the jaws of victory, I begin the ubiquitous frogging. I have pulled (and cursed) all but the tree and deer antlers. Sadly I am a perfectionist, and the correct brown does looks better, so it must be done. Though I have decided to finish the frogging later and continue stitching.

So... in lieu of a progress pic, I'll slip in a freebie called Lion King.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Stalking Nature

There is a beautiful oak right outside the the back door, the perfect spot for the Mourning Doves to keep an eye on the wee bits.

The Cardinals are soo skittish (perhaps bright red isn't the best camouflage), I was lucky to get a shot off. I have decided to forgive the deer for ravaging my poor roses over the summer, and have left some good bits in the snow for them. I have stocked up on 'Invisible Fence' in preparation for the spring. If there is anyone who hasn't heard of this stuff, it's a spray that when applied to plants it keeps the deer at bay for weeks. There is one unfortunate downside though, for the first 10 - 15 minutes it smells like a foul poo / rotting corpse combo, however, once dry it no longer smells. Oh how the neighbors love me...
I have a rather weak Dutch Beauty update, after a week I am little further ahead. Yep this is going to be an endurance piece. Wendy, the stitch count is 330 x 630, it's going to be a monster. Glenna, I'm sorry to hear about your MIA stitchery. I ordered/received this and a few others from Criss Cross Row at least a year or so ago. I'll check your site for a wish list and see if I have anything you might like.
I hope you all enjoy what's left of the weekend!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Dutch Beauty

As soon as I saw this (on Criss Cross Row), I had to have it. It's called "Dutch Beauty" and isn't it just amazing! The deer and swans were all I could see, and can't wait to get to stitch them. I'll post the pattern once I'm done, sorry not before as it will kill me to see everyone else stitch it so much faster than me! How sad is that - ugh!
I started this about three or four months ago, and just picked it up again the other day. I am only on page 2 of 21. I am up to date on my other projects, so I should have some time to make a real dent in it. I'm using DMC floss on 28 ct. ivory evenweave stitching one over one. Once again I couldn't wait to properly start it and used the largest piece of fabric that I had. I should have waited to get a slightly darker linen, ahh, I'll never learn. Still, the patten is pretty enough to pull it off.

Valentine Freebie

This was a quick one, it's a Valentine freebie. I think the tricolor will be prettier (next time). It is stitched on white aida 18 ct, two over one using DMC 311.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

EGA Valentine

Our EGA chapter is assembling a gift basket for seminar, to be auctioned off (or raffled, I can't remember). Our baskets theme is "holiday time", and we are to contribute to the basket with a project and holiday of our choosing. I decided on Valentines day and here is my bookmark. I jotted it down on a grid, sampling from several patterns. It is stitched on ivory 28 ct. linen one over one, using 817 and 3779 DMC floss. I have a book that I am going to put the book, mark in that will help bulk up the basket. I got a beautiful alphabet from this book and thought I'd add it to the post, I will probably make it into a pillow. Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Home Pics

I recently got a new camera and thought I would post a couple of my recent pics. This is an amazing sunset we had a few weeks ago. I still have to download the cameras software, and will hopefully be able to clean up the pics a bit, this just doesn't do the actual sunset justice.

Then we had an ice storm, just enough to make the roads a bit nasty and coat the trees. Regrettably the mid-west bore the brunt of the storm, there are still parts without power.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

EGA Mini Home Sampler

Cathy, one of the amazing women at the EGA has come up with a project for us. She requested we stitch a mini home sampler for some of the Habitat for Humanity homeowners. I went through my stash to find a house that would resemble one of the homes we are working on. I regret not leaving enough room for a border, however, with a limit of a five by seven frame I didn't want the house to be too small. I am wavering on the bushes though, I'll have to see if she has any suggestions.

I have been working with Habitat for just over a year now, and can't say enough about the people that I have met there. On our last work day we were told that all of the houses built have increased the towns property value by a little more than seven million! The town is looking better than ever, and new business are being drawn in. Regrettably I now see all the improvements this house needs - ugh.