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Friday, February 13, 2009

Dutch Beauty

As soon as I saw this (on Criss Cross Row), I had to have it. It's called "Dutch Beauty" and isn't it just amazing! The deer and swans were all I could see, and can't wait to get to stitch them. I'll post the pattern once I'm done, sorry not before as it will kill me to see everyone else stitch it so much faster than me! How sad is that - ugh!
I started this about three or four months ago, and just picked it up again the other day. I am only on page 2 of 21. I am up to date on my other projects, so I should have some time to make a real dent in it. I'm using DMC floss on 28 ct. ivory evenweave stitching one over one. Once again I couldn't wait to properly start it and used the largest piece of fabric that I had. I should have waited to get a slightly darker linen, ahh, I'll never learn. Still, the patten is pretty enough to pull it off.


Erica said...

That is a beautiful sampler! I love any sampler that has animals on it, the more the better!

Love your Valentine freebie!

Wendy said...

That is an impressive design! What is the stitch count? I think it would take me years.....sigh!

Sherry said...

How beautiful!

Tammy said...

Beautiful sampler! Welcome to the club because I'm not the fastest stitcher out of the gate either! Any progress is still progress!

Glenna said...

Did you just order it from Criss Cross Row, or did you order it a long time ago? I ordered from them a while back and never got my order--the owner's husband died last May and after that she stopped shipping out orders or paying attention to her website except for posting a couple of quick blog posts. Hopefully you ordered quite long ago and already have it--it's beautiful!